I still feel pretty bad that I don’t keep in touch with my friends. I’m not good at it but just so you know I will still be there for you if ya need me!!!! Yeah!!

D.Gray Man and D.N Angel

Aaahhh, why do I like mangas that end up dead…. I hope the mangakas are okay… I think I know for sure that DN Angel is cancel for good I think though?!




I do both the very smooth line-art and the textured line-art

Base Prices:


  • Bust- $5
  • Waist-up-$10 $5


  • Bust: $10
  • Waist-up: $15 $10
  • Full-Body: $20

Flat Colors:

  • Bust: $15
  • Waist-up: $20 $15
  • Full Body: $25

Shade Colored:

  • Bust: $20
  • Waist-up: $25 $20
  • Full-Body: $30

Extra: $5 per extra person. $5-$10 dollars on background other than white, transparent, or single color.

Price increases the more complex the character. This includes: Excessive tattoos, complex clothing, complex hair (like think Yu-gi-oh hair yeah), and weapons.

Please Commission! I have been reblogging a post that doesn’t have examples requesting people to commission me to help bring in extra money. 

I am not getting financial aid this semester and I was using it to pay tuition and help pay rent. I have enough money saved up to use for rent and I am getting help from my family to pay my tuition fees so i can finish college. I graduate this semester and afterwards I need to begin to move out and find a place to move into. the money i had in saving that I am now using for rent and food, was going to be used to help me move. I am applying for part time jobs, but there is no guarantee I will get one.

I could really use the extra money from Commissions to help put back into savings to move. I really cannot afford to move back into any of my parent’s homes. They have too many problems and too many kids to afford to accommodate me again. 

Signal boost for my friend. Please help out if you can!! ;m;