Hiatus in a way

I won’t be posting art for a couple months since I’m on a search to improve my art. Until I get a little better I’ll be back to show you! I’ll still be on tumblr reblogging things on my yoshiie account.

See ya!




I do both the very smooth line-art and the textured line-art

Base Prices:


  • Bust- $5
  • Waist-up-$15


  • Bust: $10
  • Waist-up: $15
  • Full-Body: $20

Flat Colors:

  • Bust: $15
  • Waist-up: $20
  • Full Body: $25

Shade Colored:

  • Bust: $20
  • Waist-up: $25
  • Full-Body: $30

Extra: $5 per extra person. $5-$10 dollars on background other than white, transparent, or single color.

Price increases the more complex the character. This includes: Excessive tattoos, complex clothing, complex hair (like think Yu-gi-oh hair yeah), and weapons.

Please Commission! I have been reblogging a post that doesn’t have examples requesting people to commission me to help bring in extra money. 

I am not getting financial aid this semester and I was using it to pay tuition and help pay rent. I have enough money saved up to use for rent and I am getting help from my family to pay my tuition fees so i can finish college. I graduate this semester and afterwards I need to begin to move out and find a place to move into. the money i had in saving that I am now using for rent and food, was going to be used to help me move. I am applying for part time jobs, but there is no guarantee I will get one.

I could really use the extra money from Commissions to help put back into savings to move. I really cannot afford to move back into any of my parent’s homes. They have too many problems and too many kids to afford to accommodate me again.